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At Airport Lollipops we implement a curriculum that empowers the child to learn and grow.
Within the classroom children are empowered to learn and develop to their full potential by being respected and valued as individuals. Children are empowered to develop a strong sense of self-worth through respectful interactions and assessment practices that focus on the individual needs of the child. Children are encouraged to be active participants in decision making by providing teachers with insight to areas that could be included or focused on. The centre provides families with equitable opportunities for participation and ensures all families have the right to a quality education setting.


At Airport Lollipops our curriculum reflects the holistic way children learn and grow.
Within the classroom teachers view the child as an individual who wants to learn. Teachers acknowledge children’s prior learning, knowledge, skills, different global experiences, languages, cultures and religions. Teachers foster children’s curiosity, trust, and sense of belonging, confidence, independence and responsibility through meaningful experiences. Teachers ensure learning and development extends beyond the word “curriculum” and is incorporated within care routines. Assessment practices encompass all dimensions of children’s learning and reflect teacher’s knowledge and understanding of child development. Teachers also acknowledge the different cultural views on child development and incorporate these views within the teaching environment.


At Airport Lollipops we believe the wider world of family and community is an integral part of the early childhood curriculum.
Teachers value that learning and development can only be fostered if the well-being of the family is supported. Teachers value each family’s culture and knowledge enabling a strong relationship between all aspects of the child’s world. Teachers ensure the programme makes strong links with the everyday activities and special events of family, whānau, local communities and cultures. Culturally appropriate ways of communicating is fostered between the centre and whānau enabling whānau to share the wealth of valuable information they hold about their child. Whānau play an important role in the assessment and evaluation of the curriculum and teachers ensure whānau aspirations are evident in their child’s learning and development.


At Airport Lollipops we believe that children learn through responsive and reciprocal relationships with people, places, and things.
Teachers ensure that interactions promote encouragement, kindness, warmth and acceptance. Relationships are developed through intuitive, active listening and full attention enabling teachers to know the child and their families well. Teachers celebrate children’s ventures and achievements and see interactions as a source of providing children with a rich social world. Teachers value the role they play in the learning environment and provide ‘scaffolding’ for children’s endeavours. Teachers understand that assessment practices are influenced by the relationship between teachers and children as well as the relationships they form with others.

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