What We Do

At Lollipops Britomart we value the relationships we establish with children, parents, Whanau and community. Time and energy is spent developing and nurturing these relationships as they form the foundation of our pre-school culture. Building on this, purposeful learning and teaching underpins what we do here, as we share our knowledge and celebrate success.

With all children, we value, expect and encourage independence; social competence and self help skills. At Britomart we have the expectation children will become enthusiastic learners and engage in purposeful play. There is an expectation at Britomart, that children in over two’s, will ‘give things ago’ and that we learn through trial and error. It is also expected they take a shared responsibility for their own learning. They are challenged and extended through high expectations.

In our under twos room every child’s milestones are celebrated and encouraged, we delight in watching our babies grow.

We provide a safe, supportive, loving and stimulating environment where children, their families/ Whanau and teachers support and mentor individuals learning and development.
We are committed to the Treaty of Waitangi acknowledging Maori as the Tangata te Whenua of Aotearoa. We also value the ever changing diversity of the cultures we encounter within our Britomart community.

We believe it is necessary to review policies, documents and practises on a regular basis to ensure the quality of the service we provide.

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