What We Do

"We will create a place that plants the seeds for love and learning"
"Together we are all learners and teachers"
"We will create a place where everyone feels welcomed and happy"
Our teachers will:
  • Be approachable and listen to you.
  • Attend to children and families in a kind and caring manner.
  • Design a place for discovery, where children can touch, look and listen, try out their ideas, pursue their questions and theories and follow their curiosity.
  • Build children’s strengths and character and their self-esteem, and make them feel safe and secure, where children have fun and laughter, and hugs when they want them.
  • Develop vital foundation skills for reading, writing and maths.
  • Encourage children to stay connected to their families, by surrounding them with images that are familiar.
  • Promote the historical backgrounds that recognizes our dual heritage.
  • Portray a strong presence of te reo Māori and tikanga Māori
  • Acknowledge and celebrate each child’s and family unique culture and individuality.
  • Ensure children have the time and freedom to be whatever they want to be.
Our Centre:

Our goal is to provide a place for discovery, where children can touch; look and listen; try out their ideas; pursue their questions and theories and follow their curiosity. Our highly trained and fully qualified staff provide a developmentally appropriate programme, based on the Early Childhood Curriculum.

Under 2's Centre:

Our brand new, purpose-built centre can offer specialised care to our children aged 2 and under. Our baby area has been thoughtfully designed and resourced to allow for freedom of movement and choice. We have ensured that we have created an optimal area that is spacious to facilitate growth and stimulation.
We are currently welcoming new children, so get in touch to find out more about our exciting new facilities and reserve a place for your child.

Our Programme:

At Lollipops Green Bay we take great care with the curriculum we provide to your children. The planning of our programme is based on a Te Whāriki, the early childhood curriculum. The curriculum is planned and organised in response to the knowledge, interests, skills and dispositions of each child. Based on these principles our programme can be adapted readily to your child's particular needs.
At Lollipops Green Bay we have a comprehensive behaviour policy in place, fostering an environment that maintains the respect and dignity of each child. When it comes to our early childhood education programme and every activity at the centre we place a high level of importance on safety. Our centre safety policies are continually reinforced by staff and children.

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