It a centre that is centred around the care, well being, nurturing and learning of children. The staff are well trained, cultural organisation is first class providing a centre that is world class and uniquely Multicultural & Kiwi based on family values.


I entrust my greatest blessing to the staff at Lollipops Greenlane every day, and I am grateful for the loving care and guidance she receives. Jenna loves to go to "school." The teachers make learning fun and Jenna talks fondly of them all the time.

Jenna learns so much at “school” and continues to share with me the great activities that go on each day! Thanks to the teachers and Director for an incredible early childhood curriculum that engages and teaches the kids.


Luke joined Lollipops Greenlane shortly after his first birthday and we can truly say that this has become his home away from home.

All the teachers have treated him with best care and I can leave him there every day with confidence knowing that he is loved and well looked after.

He has grown in leaps and bounds becoming a confident little 2-year-old boy.

Thank you to all at Lollipops Greenlane who fill his days with fun and laughter and wipe away his tears when I am unable to do so.

Tracey Wulff

We enrolled our daughters, Ava (3) and Talei (0) into Greenlane Lollipops just over two years ago in and are now into our third year with Lollipops Greenlane. In February 2017, our little Ava, who had turned 5 during the Christmas break successfully graduated from Kindergarten at Lollipops and started her journey in primary school.  This was an emotional day for everyone, the team and support staff who had looked after Ava, nurturing and caring for her, bid farewell her with mixed emotions. These mixed emotions showed to us the passion, energy and commitment put into the caring of our little girl. Her farewell song and well wishes were met with sincere happiness and sadness only because they were losing not just a student but as a valued member of the Lollipops family. 

Ava’s first and last day at Lollipops ended quite similarly, with tears. She arrived as a shy little 3yr old who wouldn’t let mum or dad leave without tears.  By end of that first day Ava was so happy and comfortable she did not want to leave only to repeat this process for 3- 6 months.  As parents, it was heart breaking to drive off and see our little Ava peeking out the window with eyes full of tears. But what was most comforting to us was- closely behind her there was always a staff member comforting her, caring and allowing her to express herself until she was ready to settle into her day.  It was this approach that gave us great comfort and confidence in Lollipops safe learning environment and the philosophy they so professionally and loving shared with the families that enrolled. Throughout the two blessed years Ava learnt the fundamentals of social interaction among peers, grew a love for reading and numbers and more importantly Lollipops enforced our family values of obedience, commitment, love and self-worth.  The implementation of Story Park allowed us to see all these wonderful and lovely things unfold.  Thank you so much Lollipops, Rashmeek and her team especially Charlotte.

Peter and Delvene

Our daughter had been attending Lollipops Greenlane for the past three years. My previous occupation was an early childhood teacher, therefore I had experience of what to look for in a centre. Lollipops Greenlane was the one that ticked all the boxes. The teachers and staff were like family to us from day one! Not only were the needs of our daughter met, but we were made to feel welcome and valued.

The teachers and staff ensure that the children’s learning and development on daily basis is fun and progressive. We know our child is getting the best care and educational experiences, in preparation for school and the wider world.

We have recommended Lollipops Greenlane to many other families, and will continue to do so.

The teachers and staff do an amazing job. Thank you for ensuring that our children get the best possible start!

Jayne and Lisa - Harper’s Mummies

My first child started at Lollipops Greenlane when he was 13 weeks old, and my daughter started at 6 months. Both were welcomed into the day care with genuine love and care, and all the teachers were endlessly accommodating for me. At times, I was jealous of the love between my children and their caregiver, but I know it was the best thing for my children to have those strong bonds at home and at day care. I am fully grateful that the teachers give all of themselves to each and every child. This is wonderful place, that strives to teach and develop its children constantly, with new and creative activities introduced frequently.

Kelly Grace

Lollipops Greenlane is a great centre for our 3 boys. The teachers always make an effort to keep us informed of their learnings. Storypark has been a great addition to keeping us informed. The children are always happy and love their teachers. The environment is safe and caters to their interests and learning needs. Thanks so much for loving our boys as much as we do.


Lollipops Greenlane is one of the best decisions I have made. To call this place a day care would not be fair. This is my daughter’s second home basically. She loves it. The curriculum doesn’t JUST include playing outdoors on the swings, but it actually includes exciting activities. From painting to making mosaics and from play dough to baking cakes. All the teachers are amazing. They understand how hard it is for families to leave the kids at the centre and they look after the kids as their own. WE ARE ALL ONE BIG FAMILY….

Ash - Zara’s Mum

13 years ago, I had to go through the terrifying decision of where to take my son for day care so that I was able to return to work. I found Lollipops Greenlane after looking at many different centres. I walked in their door with my son and have never wanted to leave. I have sent all 3 of my children to Lollipops over the last 13 years because of the friendly, caring, dedicated, special staff who have looked after and loved my children. They constantly look at ways to enhance our children's learning - they now use Storypark which gives us parents the chance to share home with the teachers and the teachers get to share the day with me that they spend with my child. My kids and I have loved every teacher and every minute that we have spent with them.

Andrea Chauval

Ever since my daughter Aliza joined Lollipops, I have seen a world of difference in her. I was very apprehensive about leaving her alone without me not knowing how she would feel and acclimatize. But I was reassured by the caring nature of the staff who have looked after Aliza ever so well. They have not only helped out with integrating her amongst the kids at lollipops, but also with ensuring she is looked after from all aspects including her physical wellbeing, diet and help with toilet training! Every time I come to pick Aliza up she has a big smile on her face and it warms my heart! I would recommend Lollipops Greenlane to anyone!

Zayad Khawaja