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To the teachers in the Rising 5's and all the teachers throughout the centre who have supported Braden.  Thank you for all your hard work.  It has been a fun and also challenging journey and we will miss you all.  Braden would not have come as far as he has without the work you have put in, Lollipops Hastings.

Thank you very much for everything you’ve done for us, especially for Milla. It’s been a great journey with you Milla has grown into a very confident and happy girl. Wish you all the very best, with Love Milla and Irena.

Milla and Irena

We enrolled at Lollipops Hastings in 2013 when Stella was 3 months old. Words cannot express how grateful our family is for each and every one of the amazing Lollipops early childhood teachers and staff who have shared in our lives. At times, in Stella’s life so far, when all around us is chaos and changeable the one constant has been Lollipops; our second home.  Warmest regards, Josie and Stella Morris.

Josie and Stella Morris

Thank you Mel and the Young Children team and Susan, Sam, Zoe and Nic and all the wonderful teachers Poppy has had. We will always remember our time at Lollipops and will miss you all.  Poppy and Rebecca Klee.

Poppy and Rebecca Klee

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