Our Rooms

Lollipops Hazeldean has three separate rooms, enabling us to deliver safe, nurturing and age appropriate learning experiences for all our children.  


Our Nursery caters for children from birth to approximately 2 years. In this room we practice primary care giving with a focus on relationships and care.


Our fun and vibrant Preschool is home to our busy toddlers aged from around 2-3.5 years. Primary care is still a real focus in this room, providing strong and trusting relationships with their experienced teachers, which ensures they feel safe and encouraged to try new learning experiences, explore their environment and challenge their thinking. There are lots of different aspects of our indoor and outdoor environments for your child to have fun in and to explore.

Prep Room

Our Prep Room is designed to inspire and delight the learning senses of our 3.5-6 year old learners. Primary care continues to extend through to this age group to provide continuity as well as trusting relationships. Our engaging environments and quality learning programme encourage children to further extend their learning and develop working theories and skills that will further set them up for school and continued learning and development in the future.