Our Rooms

Lollipops Kumeu has three separate rooms, enabling us to deliver safe, nurturing and age appropriate learning experiences for all our children.  

He Kakano (Infant Room)

A beautiful, calm environment designed to support all our under 2s as they grow and make sense of their world. Children benefit from primary caregiving and a programme that is greatly influenced by the RIE philosophy.

Daily Routine

7:00 am: Centre opens, children are welcomed for breakfast before engaging in a variety of learning experiences

9:00 am: Mat time and morning tea

10:00 am: Group work/focused learning experiences and play time

11:00 am: Mat time and lunch

11:30 am: Sleep time for majority of children
Play time

2:00 pm: Mat time and afternoon tea

3:00 pm: Play time

4:30 pm: Late snack for children

6:00 pm: Home time

This routine is flexible and works alongside your child's individual routines, including care moments such as bottles, sleeps and changes.

He Mahuri (Toddler Room)

A space created specifically for our busy 2 to 3 year old children, an environment that fosters their ever growing desire to learn, grow and become strong, confident individuals.

Daily Routine

7:00 am: Children are welcomed, they may choose to have breakfast

7:30 am: Free play

8:00 am: The outdoor environment and artelier are set up for the children to explore

9:20 am: Children wash hands and move to the dining area for morning tea

9:45 am: Children are invited to greeting time, this is a time for welcoming one another and beginning the day together

10:00 am: Free play inside and outside, including messy play and water play

11:00 am: Music and movement/yoga/group learning experiences

11:15 am: Children wash hands and move through to the dining area for lunch

12:00 pm: Sleep or rest time

2:15 pm: Afternoon tea

2:30 pm:  Free play

3:30 pm:  Group time, a time for the children and teachers to come together, talk about the day, read stories and farewell friends as they go home 

4:00 pm: Free play

4:30 pm:  Late snack

4:45 pm: Free play

6:00 pm: Home time

In recognising the diversity of all children, teachers may at times make adjustments to the schedule within the classroom based on the needs of the individual children.

He Rakau (Preschool Room)

Designed for our 3 to 5 year old children, this is a creative and inspiring learning space, boasting a beautiful art room. An environment that promotes learning through play through a variety of experiences each day.

Daily Routine

7:00 am:   Arrival and settling in
Individual and small group learning experiences

9:00 am:  Morning meeting. This meeting marks the start of our day together. We  meet as a whole group to welcome each other. It is a time of reflection  and sharing special news, and children identify special topics of interest. Our meeting also incorporates investigation/project time, where children collaborate to develop theories, make discoveries and represent their ideas on current projects.

9:30 am:  Morning tea

10:00 am:  Free play

11:45 am: Mat time

12:00 pm:  Lunch

12:30 pm:  Rest time/ready for school programme for 4 year olds

1:00 pm:  Indoor and outdoor explorative play with planned and unplanned  experiences

2:00 pm:  Afternoon tea

2:30 pm:  Free play

3:30 pm:  Children begin to be collected by parents

4:45 pm:  Story time

5:00 pm:  Late snack

6.00 pm:  Centre closes

In recognising the diversity of all children, teachers may at times make adjustments
to the schedule within the classroom based on the needs of the individual children.