Zenic thrives in his environment at lollipops Kumeu. He is a curious, independent, resilient and full of wonder and imagination because of the care and education Zenics teachers give him every day. 

The teachers are full of passion and it is seen throughout the way the environment is set to inspire learning and the way they go the extra mile to ensure they provide high-quality care. 

Lollipops Kumeu has shaped Zenics learning journey and I can’t thank them enough.

Corrine Axalan

Great family focused centre, with positive, staff who are anticipating the needs of all children. I have watched my daughter grow and flourish in this special environment.

Shelley Thomas

Steph’s kind, caring approach while still maintaining professionalism is a credit to her. It's great having a warm welcome when we enter which puts my son at ease. I know I can come to Steph with any query and the children all adore her. My son is thriving at Lollipops and this I believe is due to Steph and the wonderful teachers’ creativity, plus their fun but firm attitudes to caring for our children.

Michele Walters

Lollipops Kumeu is a fantastic center filled with love and happiness! We have such comfort knowing our daughter is going to her second family each day and returns home with a big smile on her face. Thanks Lollipops team for making our day-to-day life that much easier!

Traci and Ben Herangi

We love Lollipops Kumeu! We couldn't think of a safer, loving or more fun environment for our children to be in every day. We have such a strong connection with all the teachers and staff and they have such a great understanding of our children!

We love our Lollipops family!

The Laceys

Lollipops is a great centre. My son has built strong relationships with all of the teachers in his classes. He is thriving under their care. Their creativity, fun and firm attitudes are a real asset to the centre. Not only does he enjoy going but he comes home with wonderful stories from his day and beautiful manners. I see all the children with big smiles when collecting my child which makes me feel comfort in leaving him there each day.

Michelle Walters