What We Do

Here at Lollipops Millennium Ellerslie our image of a child is that each is a unique individual with their own strengths, abilities and passions. We view each as confident, competent and capable learners who we will support in building relationships with their peers and the teachers, as well as their passion for learning, exploring and discovering. Our children will feel a sense of belonging and value within their environment and knowing that their voice is welcomed and heard.

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The role of the Environment

We value and celebrate an environment that is inclusive and respectful, where all children and their families/whanau feel comfortable, accepted & safe in their surroundings. We acknowledge the importance of the ‘environment as the third teacher’ that is aesthetically pleasing both indoors & outdoors. Where children have the time, opportunities, space and freedom to learn and explore freely at their own pace.

Teachers as Facilitators

Our facilitators of learning are passionate, caring and nurturing teachers, who work in collaboration with the children to provoke and encourage thinking, questioning and examine. Each teacher contributes to creating a supportive, collaborative & enriching learning environment that recognises and fosters the development of positive learning dispositions.

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Creating life-longer Learners

We support the belief in creating life-long learners and we encourage each child to be the leader and take ownership of their own learning. We place substantial value on ‘Te Whariki’ and identify the relevance of the holistic development in all our children. We understand that each child will face many transitions, both during their time at Lollipops and in their futures. As educators, we endeavour to create learners who are enthusiastic and prepared for their next stages of learning.

Whanau Relationships

Developing strong relationships with our families/whanau is extremely important to us here at Lollipops Millennium Ellerslie and we believe that when our teachers and our families collaborate, we can provide positive and effective changes in the child’s learning.

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Bi-Cultural Approach

Our ongoing respect and commitment to the Tiriti O Waitangi is part of our strong support of a bi-cultural approach to learning. We also recognise the importance of Te Reo as a living national language, which aids us in creating a rich cultural environment for all our children.


We celebrate daily the cultural diversity in our community and our learning environment. We value the different cultural backgrounds of all our children and their whanau and we welcome all families regardless of ethnicity, socioeconomic status or gender differences.


At Lollipops Millennium Ellerslie we value the connections we build with each of our children. We are committed to providing each and every one of the children with the time, the opportunities, the space and the freedom to learn and grow at their own pace, with our love, care and respect.

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