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Lollipops Orewa is a warm, friendly, family orientated centre that has a homely feel where social, loving and reciprocal relationships are formed between children, educators, parents and whānau. We value relationships with families and whānau, where parents/caregivers are encouraged to be involved in their child’s learning through regular communication both formally and informally. 

Being inspired by the RIE approach and Reggio philosophies means that our educational programme, environment and centre culture reflect an image of the child that is rooted in absolute respect.

We believe that children learn naturally through play and we aim to foster each child’s social, physical, intellectual and cultural well-being. Our programme provides children with an environment that allows the space and time to grow and develop. We recognise the importance of a safe secure environment, where children are able to experience a balance of routines, familiar experiences, as well as stimulating challenges. We acknowledge Te Whariki, the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum as the framework for everything we do as teachers. It guides and inspires our work with children.

We embrace the partnership of Te Tiriti O Waitangi and value the unique place of Māori as tangata whenua of Aotearoa. We welcome biculturalism and value the contribution of different cultures.

We endeavour to provide a natural environment that creates, inspires and supports children to think, to wonder, to be challenged, to investigate further and to research their working theories of the world around them. Most of all we want our children to have fun! 

Our Rooms


0 - 2 years

This is a fun and inviting place where the youngest members of the Lollipops Orewa whānau enjoy lots of loving care and attention. In the Nursery we follow the Pikler/RIE philosophy, which is based on the respectful interactions between adults and children and the belief that children are very capable from a young age.

We also subscribe to the free movement guiding principle and don’t put the children in positions they cannot get into on their own. We have a primary care system so each individual child has a specific teacher who is responsible for that child’s care moments as well as being the main contact for family.

We follow each individual child’s routine from home helping to keep the transition as smooth as possible. We communicate with parents and whānau on a daily basis and discuss any changes to routine.


2.5 - 5 years

This is a welcoming and friendly place where children feel loved and supported by our caring teachers. A variety of areas with lots of exciting activities give children the opportunity to develop their understanding of the world around them, and how things work.

Children in this room often develop strong friendships and work towards a good level of independence.

The children each have their own Individual Portfolio that records their learning and development here at Lollipops Orewa. As parents and whanau you’ll be encouraged to contribute to the Portfolio in order to share information about your child and further enrich their learning.

Transition to School

A very important step in your child’s learning journey is their transition from preschool to primary school. At Lollipops Orewa we aim to make this process as seam-less as possible for both you and your child.

Our transition to school programme has been developed in consultation with our local schools and new entrants teachers so we are aware of their expectations. The transition to school group meets each day and with the support of a teacher they spend their time developing the skills and knowledge that will assist them in becoming confident learners, ready to take on the challenges formal learning brings.

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