Our Rooms

Lollipops Pegasus has both a Nursery and a Preschool. That means your child is always in the best possible place for their age and stage. For our older tamariki we have a separate kai room, where they can dine in a home-like setting and serve themselves home cooked meals to build independence. Outside they have interchangeable climbing equipment to help them develop their gross motor skills, building on those core strength muscles. 


This is where our youngest tamariki start their Pegasus journey. Specially designed for infants and toddlers, it’s the ideal place to explore, discover and experience free movement in a challenging but safe environment. We are firm believers in primary caregiving and the Nursery is a place where children build trust and long-lasting relationships with a key teacher.


With a strong emphasis on learning through the environment, our Preschool provides endless opportunities for children to cultivate their creativity and fire up their imagination. Whatever activity they’re immersed in - whether that’s making concrete by mixing sand and water or collecting water from our rain catcher – they’ll be working alongside dedicated and passionate teachers who are just as keen to get messy and explore as they are!

  • Explorers - Our Explorers are our youngest preschool group, that’s our 2 year olds, and our 3 year olds who are preparing to transition to the Discoverers. We support our Explorers to be the best they can be, by helping them develop self-help and self-care skills in an environment that’s challenging and stimulating. In addition to the main areas of the preschool, the Explorers have a separate quieter area where they can engage in a variety of age appropriate activities and experiences.
  • Discoverers – our 3 to 4 year olds develop social skills through group activities, gain a sense of belonging, and learn to take responsibility for themselves and the environment. We encourage our tamariki to develop confidence by participating, contributing and sharing their interests. To ensure we meet each child’s needs and interests we learn through multiple ways including play, physical movement, books, visual aids, songs, rhymes and research projects.
  • Adventurers – not long after their 4th birthday, children enter their final stage with us, that of the Adventurer. Here they learn skills for  problem solving, questioning, exploring ideas, working in a team, taking initiative, persevering, communicating, and self-management. They’re given more responsibility for their own learning, and group times are based around their emerging interests.  At mat time we focus on transition to school skills, and our programme incorporates regular collaboration with Pegasus Bay School to help ensure a seamless transition into the primary years. Before they head off to school, whānau are invited to their child’s graduation mat time which celebrates their successes here and gives them the chance to wear a korowai graduation cloak that was made by previous graduate tamariki.