What We Do

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Here at Lollipops Ruapehu Drive we provide a safe, warm, welcoming, supportive and encouraging atmosphere.

We ensure our environment is inviting, age appropriate, child focused, physically challenging and most of all fun! We provide learning experiences to encourage respect for Lollipops learning community; people, places and living things. We have a culturally sensitive environment which provides holistic learning that supports and encourages the development of every child. As Educators, we strive to promote an environment that fosters and supports the well-being and belonging of each and every child, their family/whānau and our teaching team.

We value parental involvement and continue to grow partnerships of trust through responsive and reciprocal relationships. To support children to grow with confidence by embracing their individuality and providing learning experiences to support their self-help skills.

We provide a stimulating programme that is based upon the children’s strengths, interests and experiences which encompasses the Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whāriki.

We provide learning experiences for children that promotes friendships/partnerships with their peers, turn taking, critical thinking, wondering and creativity. We encourage children to revisit their learning and discoveries and include them in decisions about their learning, e.g. focus topics, activities, purchasing resources. We believe children’s experiences should be fun and contribute to their journey to become confident lifelong learners.

‘Children’s work is their play’

‘Ko te mahi a te tamaiti, te tàkaro’

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