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At Lollipops Swanson, we strongly believe that all children are capable and competent individuals. We encourage children to cherish their own cultural identity while being mindful and respectful of other children’s cultural backgrounds and beliefs. We recognise that our unique bi-cultural heritage is founded on the Treaty of Waitangi and that our children have the right to experience the language, music, art and stories of the culture of Aotearoa.

Children need to feel a sense of belonging with a desire to contribute and at Lollipops Swanson we will provide a safe and stimulating environment that nurtures and encourages children to become confident, communicative learners. We believe family/whānau are valuable as part of each child’s learning journey so we encourage regular communication between all involved.

We believe that children learn through play and we encourage them to be inspired by Nature, using natural resources and promoting sustainability.

Our motto is to respect yourself, others and the environment and with the help of strong, reciprocal relationships with parents/whanau and the community we have confidence that we can uphold this ideology.

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