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As teachers at Lollipops Waikato we endeavour to create and maintain a quality environment to ensure and promote the pursuit of best practice in Early Childhood Education.

We believe in fostering:

  • Tino Rangatiratanga - a place where all teachers are respected, honoured and have an opportunity to become leaders who mentor and guide our children. We respect the uniqueness of each individual, child and family.
  • Mauri-Ora - we want to ensure that everyone who enters our centre feels welcome and all the children are treated as we would like our own children to be treated. On entering our centre your family becomes part of our family. We offer a nurturing, caring and flexible centre where every child is treated with love and compassion.
  • Te Whakakoha Rangatiratanga - Our centre provides a relaxed, fun and enjoyable environment which builds on reciprocal relationships. Our staff work with and alongside each other in a positive, empathetic, encouraging and reciprocal way to ensure positive relationships for ourselves, children and their whanau.
  • Kaitiakitanga - We provide a programme with opportunities for each child to develop as capable and confident leaders. We encourage connections with whanau and share valuable relevant information about their childs learning process in a manner that is respectful to each family and their culture. We encourage and show the children how to protect and nurture each other and their environment. We provide the children with skills to help them problem solve, be independent and self motivated.
  • Tau Kumekume - Social competencies and relationships are an important part of each childs life.We encourage children to respect and care for each other, animals and the environment. Adults interact and communicate with the children providing positive role modeling and lots of attention, love and cuddles. We show the children what to do, when they do not know what to do and praise them for their successes.

Through this every child and their whanau is respected and their culture and beliefs encouraged and protected.

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