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For early childhood learning.

Lollipops is a family-centred brand. These are high quality centres, with a natural theme. Lollipops embraces the spirit of freedom that every Kiwi child has the right to feel, our purpose-designed centres feel like the loving home our children left this morning. This is a uniquely New Zealand experience where your children blossom in partnership with our dedicated teachers, learning through Ako principles.

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Wonder, explore, learn.

These words capture the child-led learning environment that children so love about Lollipops: a place where children learn self-empowerment, finding their own solutions through doing practical things.

Lollipops embraces the spirit of freedom that every ‘kiwi kid’ has the right to feel. Our family–orientated purpose designed centres feel like the loving home our children left this morning. This is a uniquely New Zealand experience where your children blossom in partnership with our dedicated teachers.

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Christmas at Lollipops Newton

Santa arrived from the North Pole and surprised us all with the wonderful presents… HO HO HO!! Children and their families welcomed Santa to Lollipops Newton. We were lucky to also have fairy visiting, and a bouncy castle which made the day even better.


Lollipops Kumeu Art Exhibition

Lollipops Kumeu raised $1550 to donate to Hope Foster Care NZ and Autism NZ through a very successful art exhibition. This beautiful event brought the community together and gave the children a great sense of belonging and pride. Our teachers, parents, grandparents and visitors to the centre were beyond impressed by our children's work.


Pet Safari and Diwali at Lollipops Newton Road

Last week was very exciting at Lollipops Newton Road as they had a visit from a pet zoo and also celebrated Diwali.


Matariki at Lollipops Greenlane

Lollipops Greenlane were fortunate to be invited to attend a workshop on delving deeper and understanding the real meaning of Matariki.



  • My daughter Hazel loves the teachers and environment at Lollipops Aubrey Street. She feels comfortable and there are so many opportunities for her to learn.

    Jacinta Perry

  • I was pleased with all the teachers at Little World, how patiently and kind handling the kids and teaching them good manners that now my daughter has become a well mannered one. It was a very big thing and a good practice for the young ones to bring when they grow up and my daughter is one lucky child. I cannot thank Anu and Naveen enough for accepting my daughter in Little World, you are so kind...thank you words are not enough but we really "Thank You" for making a big changes in my daughter's motor development knowing she's having delays but now she's coping a " LOT". F became imaginative which is a good sign that's she's growing up with good and positive outcomes. And to all the Teachers in Little World- thank you so much you all are amazing! Kudos!


  • The team are great - professional yet friendly.  I feel confident leaving my daughter with them as I know she is supported in a caring and nurturing environment with people who genuinely care about her.


  • Your induction into the centre and settling procedures have really helped, I feel I can totally trust that my baby will be cared for and happy after spending the past two weeks in the Centre doing settling visits.  I never thought they would be so happy. I feel that you understand

  • I’m so pleased with all the great things that the day-care has achieved this year.

    Kakapo room, the team is amazing, we love all the teachers and we can see how well they work as a team.

    You have an amazing chef, Kasey, she is amazing, we love her.

    I just want to congratulate you Emma and your team for your hard work, passion and dedication. You and your team have achieved great goals, and I’m sure lots of parents have noticed them.

    You all play a very important part in our children lives and I cannot Thank You enough for your hard work and dedication.

    Thanks so much

  • I was so pleased to see the wonderful display of Makaton at daycare that Jo had constructed.

    Sophia has been learning Makaton as a way of communicating for 2 years now due to a delay in her speech language development and we have found it so helpful for her and us.

    Embracing Makaton at daycare is so inclusive, as a mum that initiative from Sophia's teachers is just so wonderful to see.

    It is also a useful skill for the teachers and other children to learn.

    Thank you Jo!!

  • Lollipops on Ruapehu Drive has provided excellent education and care for both of our daughters since they were seven months old. The educators at Lollipops are lovely, warm and caring who build strong supportive bonds with the children. The kids are always happy, relaxed and confident to approach their teachers with stories, questions or just for a cuddle. Our eldest daughter has now moved on to school and Lollipops has provided her with such good preparation that the transition has been seamless. Our youngest daughter loves it so much there that it often takes a good half an hour just to convince her to leave at the end of the day.

    Nappies and nutritious food provided throughout the day is great. Lollipops also take the time to investigate and implement extracurricular activities for the kids such as swimming lessons, bush walks, football lessons, and trips out of town such as to the Wellington Zoo. Nothing is ever too much trouble and the teachers are always available to talk about the kids’ day. They also make good use of Storypark, an online journal of our child’s activities which is lovely to see pop up at work.

    We would happily recommend Lollipops on Ruapehu Drive to any parent and will be sad to leave this community when both our daughters are at school.

    Niki Murray

  • We would like to express a HUGE thank you for all your hard work. We cannot tell you enough just how grateful and happy we were to leave Rares in your care. We know every first time parent would probably feel the same but you are such an amazing team of teachers and it shows.

    Thank you

    Rares, Iuliana and Dragos Florea

  • Lollipops Greenlane is one of the best decisions I have made. To call this place a day care would not be fair. This is my daughter’s second home basically. She loves it. The curriculum doesn’t JUST include playing outdoors on the swings, but it actually includes exciting activities. From painting to making mosaics and from play dough to baking cakes. All the teachers are amazing. They understand how hard it is for families to leave the kids at the centre and they look after the kids as their own. WE ARE ALL ONE BIG FAMILY….

    Ash - Zara’s Mum

  • I entrust my greatest blessing to the staff at Lollipops Greenlane every day, and I am grateful for the loving care and guidance she receives. Jenna loves to go to "school." The teachers make learning fun and Jenna talks fondly of them all the time.

    Jenna learns so much at “school” and continues to share with me the great activities that go on each day! Thanks to the teachers and Director for an incredible early childhood curriculum that engages and teaches the kids.