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Lollipops is a family-centred brand. These are high quality centres, with a natural theme. Lollipops embraces the spirit of freedom that every Kiwi child has the right to feel, our purpose-designed centres feel like the loving home our children left this morning. This is a uniquely New Zealand experience where your children blossom in partnership with our dedicated teachers, learning through Ako principles.

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Wonder, explore, learn.

These words capture the child-led learning environment that children so love about Lollipops: a place where children learn self-empowerment, finding their own solutions through doing practical things.

Lollipops embraces the spirit of freedom that every ‘kiwi kid’ has the right to feel. Our family–orientated purpose designed centres feel like the loving home our children left this morning. This is a uniquely New Zealand experience where your children blossom in partnership with our dedicated teachers.

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Matariki at Lollipops Greenlane

Lollipops Greenlane were fortunate to be invited to attend a workshop on delving deeper and understanding the real meaning of Matariki.


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  • I just wanted to thank you and the teachers so much for all your help with Bethany and Daycare. You all are so wonderful and attentive. She has grown leaps and bounds just from being there with you all in the past year. She is with her Dad these holidays and they have gone away on a trip so sadly she won't be in for her last day to say bye to her friends and everyone. I will definitely pop in myself when I can to thank everyone. I will be back at work September and for sure will be putting Baby Heaven in with you all. Her account has be paid up to day just done had now. Thank you again for all your help and hard work with her. xox God Bless.

    Holly Schwalger

  • The teachers are amazing with my child and what a great location.

    Alix Houghton

  • My name is Rosita Tangi and my daughter Totoa Tangi has been attending Central Park since Janurary 2014 .

    The day I decided to take Totoa to this center I not only wished that she will be well taken ca re of but to also learn and grow in this center.

    I could say it was the best choice I made to bring her to this  centers

    Totoa is always looking forward to go to school every morning. She loves her teachers and friends and will tell me how her day went

    I have watched her grow and I do know that the teachers in the center have helped her become the person she is today     so full of energy, confident and cheerful Totoa is a very helpful little girl and loves to learn new   things      I believe that the teachers do play a huge role into preparing her for primary  schools

    I am tru ly grateful for these wonderful teachers , my daughter spends most the day with these teachers and they have been truly amazing

    What I love about this center is that they celebrate different festivities . I have also participated in a few and It makes me so happy to see the children excited and happy to be dressing up

    Since Totoa has been in Central park we have celebrated Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Diwali, Mataliki Day , Chinese New Years . Its just amazing to see them celebrate these important festivities and I do know that they will continue to .

    Totoa has turned 5 and will start Primary school next year and I will like thank Sangeeta and her staff for all their hard works thank you for teaching , caring for my little Totoa. People may not tell you every day how much you do for their children but please know that your hard work is noticed and very much appreciated

    I will strongly recommend Central Park to anyone


  • I would like to mention that he had such a great time and lot of learning in your centre. You and your teacher’s are doing great work in making centre a fun and vibrant place for all the children. Tejas has gained so much confidence and this make us all proud. Keep the good work up.

    Tejas and I will surely miss you all.


  • 18 months old daughter loves Lollipops. How do I know? Because she is smiling when the lift opens in the morning, because she waves and smiles to everybody we meet in the hall, because she gives high fives, because she hugs her teacher, because I see joy on her face when I arrive in the afternoon. That is why I love Lollipops, too.  


  • We are so happy with Little World, the surroundings, staff and activities are all wonderful. Both G & H have and still are thriving in this environment. It is lovely to see the relationships that have been built and it is obvious that our children are very happy to spend time at Little World. I love the fact that there is so much thought and effort taken into creating play and learning areas for the children. The centre is always changing to keep things fresh and new to stimulate the children. I have been impressed with the multicultural aspects and love that G often sings songs and uses words from the Maori or Chinese language, G sang 'Happy Birthday' on her own in three different languages in front of extended family, it was a precious moment. The children have special relationships with the teachers, and because of the warm, nurturing manner of the staff, it makes me feel secure in leaving them in such capable hands. The communication from the teachers and owners to the parents is also excellent. The daily highlights, newsletters and screen show that plays all give a fantastic overview of what the children are doing through the day. What stands out for me is that Little World is very family orientated, the atmosphere is always welcoming. The centre is a 'home away from home' that is safe and supportive and where the children are treasured.

    Emma & Brendon

  • When it was time to return to work after the birth of our first child, I was apprehensive about choosing a child care centre. From my first visit to Coatesville Learning Centre, I was impressed by the genuine care shown by the staff and teachers. Since attending, our daughter has grown in confidence and at the end of each day she is eager to tell us about the activities she has taken part in.

    Parents are kept well informed about their children's progress and the lines of communication are always open. It's wonderful dropping a happy child off in the morning, knowing that they will be nurtured in every way. The large open playground is a huge bonus! Thank you Coatesville Learning Centre for giving our daughter a great start to her early education. 


  • My granddaughter Olivia Malcolm has been attending Lollipops Educare Birkenhead for the last three years.

    During this time, myself and our family have been extremely satisfied with the care and education Olivia has received.

    On a weekly basis I have been at this daycare. Additionally, I have attended many functions.

    At all times I have been very impressed with the educational programmes, particularly evidenced by Olivia's communication, literacy and numeracy skills. Olivia has benefitted from a caring and nurturing environment and particularly enjoys a close ongoing relationship with Sunita. Olivia enjoys and enthusiastically participates in special days and events such as 'Superhero Day', 'Pyjama Day', 'Recycle Fashion Parade' and the Christmas Party. Parents and relatives are always warmly welcomed and personally greeted.

    Olivia is clearly thriving at this establishment and we are thankful for the positive experience our precious one is enjoying.

    I have worked in education from Primary School to Tertiary level over many decades. so feel that I can cast an appraising eye and make sound judgements.

    Sharon Dower

  • Shakira had a great start on her first day at primary school yesterday without an orientation! Huge thank you to Sangetta and her team for being part of Shakira's learning journey.

    Shakira have develop her social skills, independence, speech and learning to share with the other kids at this centre.

    Being a busy parent is important to choose a daycare that will make a big impact on your kids learning journey and I will highly recommend lollipop Central Park to any of my friends n work mates.

    once again Shakira will be missing her friends and the lollipop Central Park team!!

    Thank you Sangetta!!!


  • I have a high health needs child and Kids Inn Fantails have gone above and beyond to not only keep her safe (no hospital trips related to daycare this year!) but to include her!

    They can alter the activities to keep things safe for everyone. Seeing her face the first time she was able to help make and then eat something not made at home was delightful.

    I continue to recommend Lollipops North Harbour to anyone I hear looking for a family environment for their littlies!