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We are so happy with Little World, the surroundings, staff and activities are all wonderful. Both G & H have and still are thriving in this environment. It is lovely to see the relationships that have been built and it is obvious that our children are very happy to spend time at Little World. I love the fact that there is so much thought and effort taken into creating play and learning areas for the children. The centre is always changing to keep things fresh and new to stimulate the children. I have been impressed with the multicultural aspects and love that G often sings songs and uses words from the Maori or Chinese language, G sang 'Happy Birthday' on her own in three different languages in front of extended family, it was a precious moment. The children have special relationships with the teachers, and because of the warm, nurturing manner of the staff, it makes me feel secure in leaving them in such capable hands. The communication from the teachers and owners to the parents is also excellent. The daily highlights, newsletters and screen show that plays all give a fantastic overview of what the children are doing through the day. What stands out for me is that Little World is very family orientated, the atmosphere is always welcoming. The centre is a 'home away from home' that is safe and supportive and where the children are treasured.

Emma & Brendon

It has been a second home for Aadya from the time she has joined the centre, initially it was very difficult for me as a mother but the love, comfort and care provided by the teachers in Taniwha room compelled me to forget all my worries...

I have seen amazing transformation in Aadya (be it her walking, talking, social) etc, over she is growing to be a more independent girl and I am so proud to see that.

Lastly, I would like to give special thanks to her primary care giver, Parminder who has been a source of relief for me specially in the initial days.

Parnika Agnihotri

Thank you for everything you as teachers have done for Maiah during her time at your centre. She had so much fun and has gone off to school thriving.    Kerin

I tell everyone about how wonderful your centre is – I feel Jackson is so safe here and always happy when I collect him 


Our children love the Coatesville Learning Centre, the staff are extremely welcoming, caring, creative, happy and fun with the children.  Ella-Rose (2 years old) is most upset if we pass the centre without dropping her off.  The facility is extremely well organised and clean, the meals are tasty, balanced and healthy.

My son Nathan loved the grass hopper soccer sessions that are also run at the centre, and the Coatesville primary school visits they ran, set his mind at rest to starting school.  We are pleased to have such a well run centre in the community


13 years ago, I had to go through the terrifying decision of where to take my son for day care so that I was able to return to work. I found Lollipops Greenlane after looking at many different centres. I walked in their door with my son and have never wanted to leave. I have sent all 3 of my children to Lollipops over the last 13 years because of the friendly, caring, dedicated, special staff who have looked after and loved my children. They constantly look at ways to enhance our children's learning - they now use Storypark which gives us parents the chance to share home with the teachers and the teachers get to share the day with me that they spend with my child. My kids and I have loved every teacher and every minute that we have spent with them.

Andrea Chauval

I just wanted to send a quick message out to everyone involved at Lollipops Central Park. Tomorrow will be Adele's last day at Lollipops and I sincerely want to thank every one of you as part of Adele's extended family. To all her friends and their families - thank you for being part of our lives, we often hear stories about you during the weekend and I know how much your children love and care for adele, some of the older ones give Adele a pat or kiss on the head goodnight! Which is just awesome! It has been a pleasure to receive hugs, smiles and watch your children grow alongside ours. To Sangeeta & her fabulous team - every hour of every day that Adele has been in your care over the last year has been crucial to her amazing development. Your care, love, understanding and desire to give these children only the best is evident and I truly can't thank you all enough for everything you have unlocked in Adele. You have been encouraging and supportive with our views/feedback and we can only recommend/advocate for the center.

Adele, Krystal & Liam

My first child started at Lollipops Greenlane when he was 13 weeks old, and my daughter started at 6 months. Both were welcomed into the day care with genuine love and care, and all the teachers were endlessly accommodating for me. At times, I was jealous of the love between my children and their caregiver, but I know it was the best thing for my children to have those strong bonds at home and at day care. I am fully grateful that the teachers give all of themselves to each and every child. This is wonderful place, that strives to teach and develop its children constantly, with new and creative activities introduced frequently.

Kelly Grace

It's been amazing seeing the transition unfold from Tui Room to Kakapo Room. So much great stuff for our son and his little mates to take on being the little fishes again in the big pond. Thanks (teacher) for your support in our son’s development. We both have so much to be grateful for having him develop so well at Lollipops

I first visited Lollipops St Lukes in the early stages of my pregnancy in 2011 to see what it was like before enrolling my child.

I was welcomed into a warm, friendly and bright centre. The baby room was clean and warm and every person in the room was engaged with a child.

As a nervous first-time parent this put me at ease straight away.

I enrolled my son and he has attended full-time since the age of 11 months

In every stage of his learning journey he has been lucky enough to have excellent teachers. I can say this honestly and without exception. In a few months, he leaves for Primary school and we are confident he will be very school ready. The support I have received from the teachers has also been very meaningful and I have formed some great friendships within the centre.

My baby daughter also now attends the centre and has settled well. The Centre Director Catherine, and my daughters’ teachers in the Pariko Room have been very accommodating to us and welcome my lunchtime visits to breastfeed my baby. They even provided a chair for me to feed her in the nursery for morning drop off 😊

The centre encourages a feeling of belonging and the atmosphere is relaxed and intellectually stimulating for the children. The teachers are kind and loving.

The staff know my children well and speak freely and honestly if there are any issues or concerns and I know I can do the same.

I will be very sad to leave Lollipops Educare St Luke’s when the day comes. They are a huge part of our daily lives as both my husband and I work full-time.

I would recommend the centre to anyone who is considering placing their child in day-care.

A Parry

My name is Rosita Tangi and my daughter Totoa Tangi has been attending Central Park since Janurary 2014 .

The day I decided to take Totoa to this center I not only wished that she will be well taken ca re of but to also learn and grow in this center.

I could say it was the best choice I made to bring her to this  centers

Totoa is always looking forward to go to school every morning. She loves her teachers and friends and will tell me how her day went

I have watched her grow and I do know that the teachers in the center have helped her become the person she is today     so full of energy, confident and cheerful Totoa is a very helpful little girl and loves to learn new   things      I believe that the teachers do play a huge role into preparing her for primary  schools

I am tru ly grateful for these wonderful teachers , my daughter spends most the day with these teachers and they have been truly amazing

What I love about this center is that they celebrate different festivities . I have also participated in a few and It makes me so happy to see the children excited and happy to be dressing up

Since Totoa has been in Central park we have celebrated Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Diwali, Mataliki Day , Chinese New Years . Its just amazing to see them celebrate these important festivities and I do know that they will continue to .

Totoa has turned 5 and will start Primary school next year and I will like thank Sangeeta and her staff for all their hard works thank you for teaching , caring for my little Totoa. People may not tell you every day how much you do for their children but please know that your hard work is noticed and very much appreciated

I will strongly recommend Central Park to anyone


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