Visionary Centre Manager and lovely environment for learning

Magnus Abraham-Dukuma - December 2019

The staff are amazing and make the best environment. 

December 2019

The team! everyone is so friendly, helpful and really made you feel at ease leaving your little one in their hands. 

December 2019


The teachers are fantastic!

We really love how each age group have their own indoor and outdoor area. 

Lollipops Paraparaumu

We have two children at Lollipops and are very happy with the care they receive. The staff are very friendly, approachable and have built a strong rapport with the kids. As a parent it has been great to use the staff as a sounding board for behaviors at home and options to ensure continuity between home and Lollipops.

The facilities are reasonably new and well looked after, don’t be fooled by thinking the outdoor area is small, our kids are often out for bush walks or visits further afield. They also support football and swimming activities for the kids inside centre hours on a term by term basis for an additional fee.

As a family with two full time working parents the fact that nappies and freshly cooked meals are provided makes all the difference when getting ready in the morning. The opening hours give us the flexibility to manage the fluctuating hours associated with Army life. We have been very happy with the quality and value provided in regards to this.

Thank you to the staff of Lollipops for such a great service, we both regularly recommend Lollipops to friends who are looking at childcare options

Hunter & Micaela
Lollipops Ruapehu Drive

I looked at a variety of daycares but never got the feeling I was looking for as I walked into the centre and nursery room. When I walked into Lollipops Orewa I just knew it was the right place. I felt like I could trust the teachers to treat Oscar like their own, they truly care about everyone there. The environment is inviting and calm, full of quality resources, and they regularly change the environment to keep children curious about exploring the room. Every request I have made,  they have done willing and happily. Every morning when I drop Oscar off and pick him up I feel welcomed. I love knowing he will have a great day and his needs are met when I walk out the door. 

Gareth Owston-Doyle

I would like to thank all the teachers in the Preschool Room at Lollipops Swanson. My daughter Rishika had been struggling to communicate her needs and wants appropriately due to her delayed language, but since her move into the Preschool Room, she has taken huge steps and is talking more. She can now communicate her needs and wants, and she has made new friends which has boosted her confidence.

She loves Lollipops Swanson and the teachers who care for her, and ever y day we can see a difference in her.  Teachers have such a big influence  on children, they can really make or break their future.

We appreciate how you helped fill out multiple forms for her medical diagnosis. You never gave up on her and encouraged her in every step. Your positive and creative feedback has helped us so much.

You are always there to greet us when we arrive and always available for a quick chat at the end of the day to get Rishika’s daily review. This gives us confidence that our daughter is safe and in an awesome learning environment. Thank you for having such a positive hand in Rishika’s journey.

Jay, Ranjeeta, Jayshal, Rishika Singh

My son Lazarus has been attending Lollipops Swanson for over two years now and I’ve seen how much he has grown in that time. Being at Lollipops Swanson has been a joy for Lazarus. Every time we drop him off in the mornings, the staff and teachers are always lovely, smiling and greeting him like he is the only child in the room. I also notice the children’s activities in the Preschool Room are all laid out on the table ready for their day and also their morning tea. It gives me comfort as a parent that he will be well looked after for the day.

When we pick him up after school, we sometimes receive a report on how his day went. It’s good to know how he is doing so that we can praise his efforts if he was good, or we can have a talk to him about his behaviour if otherwise.

We love receiving updates of his progress on StoryPark and we also enjoy the newsletters and extra family activities held outside of school hours, such as soup day.

Thank you staff at Lollipops for all that you continue to do to help our son progress. Lazarus is ready for big school now!

Ricky and Melanie Sione

Thank you to the Lollipops Swanson staff for your hard work and kindness. You have given my daughter Yaya a great experience.

We chose Lollipops Swanson because of the kind and caring teachers. Children are happy, healthy and thrive in this positive atmosphere. We also liked the bright, clean and hygienic rooms. Lollipops Swanson met our expectations perfectly.

Yaya has been in the Preschool Room for over a year. We are so grateful to all the teachers for their patience and quality care. Every weekend she tells me she can’t wait to go back to Lollipops on Monday because she misses her teachers and friends! The Preschool does not just provide day care, they also provide a great education. Yaya learns so much every day. Her personality, language and creative thinking abilities have developed faster and more positively than I had expected.

Lollipops Swanson is the best day care centre we know. All the staff have played an active and positive role to prepare Yaya to start the next stage of her life smoothly. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Winnie and Louie

It’s been a pleasure to be part of Lollipops Swanson. Shreytik has been well looked after there. He started in the Toddlers Room and transitioned into the Preschool Room and has enjoyed  every moment of his time at the centre. Shreytik really loves spending his time playing with his friends. At the end of each day he tells us about the exciting events he has been involved in at the centre.

The teachers have been really caring and wonderful. Shreytik even knows all of them by name which shows the bond and close relationship they have. Overall, we are very happy with the atmosphere at the centre. We also quite like the fee structure and flexibility of having a 9:00 am to 3:00 pm schedule. So, thank you for that.

Roja, Luta and family