My kids are very happy there. The teachers are genuinely caring and the centre is run smoothly with excellent communication and professionalism.

Susan Earle

They are friendly, professional and always happy staff. My daughter learns a lot there!

Natasha Mileva

I am extremely happy when, for example I collect my boys and they are so happy playing with their teachers! Their happiness is paramount to me.

Alexandra Ukanwa

Our daughter has got many good friends, learn so many things and she absolutely loves her daycare and her teachers and we love it because of that.

Metti Lampinen

I want to personally thank you and all the teachers that played such a huge role in Ariah's development. She was always happy when she speaks about her teachers and her friends. Moving from South Africa was a huge change and it was great having you support us and be Ariah second family ❤️. I couldn't have ask for better. Our hearts will be forever grateful. 

Taryn Frazenburg
July 2021

We feel safe and at peace without worry that our daughter is getting nurtured in a safe environment with caring teachers around.  We are blessed to have Lollipops Pukekohe, thank you for everything you do.


I had my son go there from 1-5 years. They were amazing. He was always happy to be there. They have good ratios and I have just started my daughter there (2 years later) and all the same teachers are still there.

Shannon Harris
June 2021

I’m extremely happy that I chose to send my daughter to Lollipops Pukekohe. The teachers are so well spoken and they are experts in their roles. I’m very grateful to all the teachers for taking so much interest and nurturing my little girl. She has learnt so much from daycare and thoroughly enjoys going to Lollipops. It feels great to see some pictures and videos of my daughter enjoying herself so much at daycare. Their teachers are the best. 

Deepika Subramanay
May 2021

Dear teachers,

Thank you for all the efforts you have put in to support our daughter, Emira Marla, and to help her grow this past three years. We can't express enough our gratitude towards everyone and find it hard to put in just a few words. We really appreciate your kindness and understanding especially with all the adjustments for both of us parents. Also, thank you for the patience and care you have shown and in teaching her things she wants and needs to learn. 

Emira will surely miss everyone. We wish you a healthy and prosperous life ahead. 


Marla and Emory

Hi everyone, I have recently joined Lollipops Patten Street and I wanted to share with you some of the great experiences myself and child have had since joining. Wyatt has made several friends, he has transformed and grown so much in such a short space of time and he loves his teacher Janet (and so do I!). He has become so very confident and all my worries are taken away because of how excited he is to go to preschool and because Janet is such an amazing person who is so approachable and  ensures everyone is welcomed, reassured and communicated with”. Can’t say enough how much I love this preschool.  Mel