The centre staff are so caring and really look after the kids like family and support the parents. Our daughter always looked forward to coming to Lollipops and learnt a lot while being here. Teacher here are amazing!

Thank you for all the loving, caring and attentive educational support you guys have afforded our son. It has been instrumental to his optimum growth and development.

We were a part of the Lollipops’ family for seven years. My two children learnt so much through play and they made lifelong friendships while they were there. The teachers are incredibly caring, nurturing, and passionate about their role in the children’s early development. They are always welcoming and help your child settle in and feel secure when you leave. The food that is served is very nutritious and tasty (my son always had more than one serving!). I really appreciated talking to the teachers about how preschool and home life can work together to get my children ready for school and develop their skills for life.

We miss you Lollipops! Thank you for your support over the years!


Lollipops have been nothing short of amazing with my son. He started with them at 1.5 after emigrating from the UK and now almost 4 is thriving more than I could ever imagine. He has a fantastic little group of friends, he's bonded well with the staff and asks me every day if it's a school day today. His knowledge astounds me every day and that's all thanks to what he's learning at pre-school. They have also helped him come on leaps and bounds with things such as toilet training and social skills. Any time I've had a question or a stumbling block, the team at Lollipops have been more than helpful getting me the answers. It will be a sad day in our house when he has to leave Lollipops and start at 'big school'. 


The teachers know what the children need to learn and how should they get along with each other. They are patient and kind. Children love them.

Our boys, 3 and 6, attended Lollipops preschool. As parents we feel comfortable going to work knowing our boys are well looked after. All the teachers, past and present, have been both nurturing and encouraging towards our boys. The preschool is always presented with a high standard of cleanliness and we know their nutrition is well looked after with the preschool’s in house chef, Jess. We were very happy to hear Tash was appointed centre manager and appreciate her communication during these times of the pandemic. 


Thank you for looking after our child so well! Since they were 1 years old, our child has progressed from the Fantails, to Tui, to Kiwi, to Pukeko rooms. There has been so much fun, learning, cuddles, dancing, friendship, giggles, craft, play, cultural experiences, games and even zoom calls! The care and love you have shown our child has given them an awesome start in life!

Anna and Ian

My kids are very happy there. The teachers are genuinely caring and the centre is run smoothly with excellent communication and professionalism.

Susan Earle

They are friendly, professional and always happy staff. My daughter learns a lot there!

Natasha Mileva

I am extremely happy when, for example I collect my boys and they are so happy playing with their teachers! Their happiness is paramount to me.

Alexandra Ukanwa