It’s sad that Chadd’s leaving Lollipops and I know he is going to miss everyone there especially the baby room 😊.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the teachers at Lollipops, Chadd has grown and learnt so much while being at Lollipops.

Even though he was with you for a short period, feels like he had been there for many years. Lollipops is a very welcoming Centre with amazing staff so thank you Tia to you and your team for making Chadd’s preschool days a wonderful experience.

We will definitely pop in for a visit or two going forward 😊.



All staff are very caring and loving. We loved Lollipops. A special thanks to Lizzie and Julia, you both give support, confidence, love to Radhe, Radhe will miss you. Happy my girl Simran is still in Lollipops. Lizzie you are one awesome teacher, you help us academically and reading etc. Radhe is fully prepared for school because of your hard work and effort. Thanks a lot for your love and hard work.


Thank you for everything you have done over the last three years. The love and support you have shown Archer has helped shape and grow him into a confident 5 year old ready for school! He’s sure going to miss you all, his friends and his cooked lunches!

Archer, Hayley and Dan
June 2020

Thank you for taking such great care of Quinn over the last two years. We will miss our Hazeldean family so much. 

Quinn, Jayne and Adam
June 2020

Thank you for all the care you have given to our two children. We are lucky to have you all. Thank you for the centre events, fantastic cooking and cute Mother’s Day and Father’s Day treats.


Lollipops Hazeldean Parent
June 2020

Ad and I just wanted to take a moment to send you and all the staff at Lollipops a thank you email. We miss you all a lot, and that's not only because you normally take care of Noah while we work. That is obviously amazing and we do miss it as getting work done with Noah around is very tyring. But it's more than that, we really appreciate the effort and work you all put in to instil important values to all the kids at Lollipops Millenium. You teach them kindness, respect, care, love and confidence among so many other things. We have always appreciated that, but it is now apparently more than ever. We thought those were normal values to have and to want to instil in a child, but we've noticed that this doesn't seem to be the case with all families. In our case, we're seriously struggling with this at the moment.


We're so happy we found lollipops as a daycare, where we feel all staff and parents share the same values as we do. You're playing an important role in showing these kids what's wrong and what's right and you're all doing an amazing job at it. So a very big thank you to all of you, you are truly amazing. 

Please do share this with all the staff at Lollipops!

We hope you and your families are all safe and well, take good care of yourselves. 



Chloé and Ad

I just wanted to send a note to you, and the team at Newton Road to say a huge heartfelt thank you. Thank you for taking such good care of our children, for the support and caring you have shown to the families from the centre. It has been an uncertain and strange time, and Lollipops/Evolve has truly gone above and beyond to communicate, update and support families during this time.

James has been to 3 daycare centres since she was 1, and the reason I wanted to pass on this feedback is that I have never experienced such fantastic communication and a genuine passion for the children as we have at Lollipops Newton Road.

I would not hesitate to recommend your centre to other families, as I know they will feel equally supported and represented within your environment.

It's no small feat to make families feel so safe at such uncertain times. Despite the measures in place for drop off and pick up (and within the centre itself I'm sure), James has been excited to go to daycare with her 2-3 other classmates this last week. It's a huge relief to me that she's so happy to attend, she doesn't even mind having her temperature taken, and being picked up at the door by a teacher in a mask. It's a testament to how much she enjoys being there. And that means everything to me.

So thank you, to you, to Mihiri and to the other wonderful staff.



Zenic thrives in his environment at lollipops Kumeu. He is a curious, independent, resilient and full of wonder and imagination because of the care and education Zenics teachers give him every day. 

The teachers are full of passion and it is seen throughout the way the environment is set to inspire learning and the way they go the extra mile to ensure they provide high-quality care. 

Lollipops Kumeu has shaped Zenics learning journey and I can’t thank them enough.

Corrine Axalan

Visionary Centre Manager and lovely environment for learning

Magnus Abraham-Dukuma - December 2019

The staff are amazing and make the best environment. 

December 2019