Why choose us?

There are a host of reasons why families choose Lollipops Bell Block. Here are just a few of them:

  • Located in the heart of the Bell Block community
  • Kind and caring teachers
  • Whanau, teachers and children work in consultation
  • Well resourced
  • Large outdoor spaces with real grass
  • Three separate rooms for each age and stage
  • Regular excursions in and around the local community
  • Weekly playball for our Juniors and Preschoolers
  • Cultural activities
  • Strong community focus and relationship with local retirement village


Our philosophy

At Lollipops Bell Block we value:

Poipoia te kakano kia Puawai – Nuture the seed and it will blossom

Communication – Mana Reo
Tamariki will develop verbal and non-verbal communication while experiencing stories and symbols of their own and other cultures. Tamariki will develop and discover different ways to be creative and expressive to support expressing their feelings and ideas.

Social Competence – Mana Tangata

Tamariki will develop skills to be affirmed as individuals as well as encouraged to learn with and alongside others. Tamariki will develop skills for interacting with others fairly through a range of strategies.

Independence – Mana Whenua

Tamariki will develop skills to gain confidence in their own bodies to support them to increase their self-help skills. Tamariki will learn strategies to express their feelings, showing respect to Kaupapa, rules and the rights to others and their environments as developmentally appropriate.

Positive Environment – Mana Atua

Tamariki will laugh with and alongside others and be playful as they find joy and humour in their learning each day, as they know they have a place within the centre.

Respect – Mana Tangata, Mana Atua, Mana Aotūroa

Tamariki will develop an understanding of and the ability to be respectful to others by treating them fairly and including them in play. Tamariki will develop an understanding of respect towards themselves by keeping themselves safe from harm and develop an understanding of respect to the environment by developing working theories for making sense of the natural, social, physical, and material worlds.

Curiosity – Mana Whenua

Tamariki will consistently use their innate sense of curiosity as they freely explore and find wonderment and connections in the world around them.

About Evolve

Evolve Education Group is a leader in early childhood education, with over 100 centres across New Zealand offering a range of top quality learning options for all of our families.

Our highly regarded brands – which include Active Explorers, Lollipops, Pascals, Learning Adventures, Little Wonders, Little Lights and Little Earth Montessori – nurture children to love learning and become the best they can be. Rich and diverse educational opportunities are delivered by passionate, experienced educators in purpose designed centres equipped with the latest learning resources.

Evolve Education Group is helping shape the future, preparing little minds for great things in today’s ever changing world.