Our daughter has thrived in the nurturing environment created by the wonderful team at Lollipops Patten Street.

Jeanne & Warren

Both our children attend Lollipops on Patten Street, and we are very grateful for the warm, welcoming,  environment the staff create every morning as my children enter through their door.

The staff in the Rimu and Kowhai room are exceptional. They truly inspire my children’s learning and development. The staff are always mindful about capturing major milestones and ensure that myself and the rest of my family (at home and abroad) never miss out on being a part of these milestones. I love how the staff make the effort to record my children’s learning via online through storypark. The Staff have always provided a high standard of learning, care, and safety. The Staff at Patten Street provide a home away from home. It takes more than one person to raise a child – it takes a community, and the staff play a major role in my children’s community.


Lollipops is an inviting and inclusive community of teachers, children and whanau, where all children are valued as individuals and treated as such. We have loved the strong home/school connection where the teachers have worked with us to provide consistent care and gone above and beyond with creative solutions to meet the needs and goals of our son. 

Amanda de Ruyter

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