Our Rooms

Lollipops Ruapehu Drive has three separate rooms, enabling us to deliver safe, nurturing and age appropriate learning experiences for all our children.  

Kiwi Room

This is a warm and welcoming space for our youngest members of the Lollipops family.  We cater for up to 12 under 2s here with three loving and dedicated educators.

Daily Routine

7:30 am:  Centre Opens, children and families welcomed

8:30 am: Outside play is offered - hats/shoes/socks/jackets/sunscreen for children going outside

8:45 am: Free play/arts and crafts offered inside/nappies checked

9:20 am: Mat time

9:30 am: Karakia/wash hands/morning tea

9:50 am: Free play inside and out -  hats/shoes/socks/jackets/sunscreen on for children going  outside
Bottles for those who need them

11:15 am: Mat time

11:30 am: Wash hands, have lunch

12:30 pm: Nappy checks and bedtime for sleeping children

2:20 pm: Mat time

2:30 pm: Afternoon tea

4:30 pm: Late snack

5:00 pm: Kiwi Room closes, remaining children are taken to Kakapo Room

Except for opening and closing, these times are approximite only, please allow for flexiblity during the day according to children’s requirements.

Kea Room

The Kea Room is where our oldest adventurers prepare for the next phase of their learning journey – primary school! They start here at around 3.5 years of age, and undertake lots of activities that build independence, like serving their own meals. This room caters for 20 children and has two educators.

Daily Routine

7:30 am: Centre opens; Kakapo and Kea tamariki in the Kakapo Room for free play and settling

8:00 am: Outside opens for free play

9:00 am: Nappies and toileting

9:30 am: Kakapo and Kea tamariki join together for karakia, waiata, celebrations and birthday notices

9:40 am: Morning tea; sunblock applied in summer

10:00 am: Free play and activities inside and out

10:40 am: Nappies and toileting

11:10 am: Tidy up time

11:20 am: Mat time

11:30 am: Lunch

12:00 pm: Tamariki put plates and glasses away; toileting reminders and sleepers move to sleep room; non-sleepers move into Kea Room for 10-15 minutes of quiet time before free play
Nappies checked as children wake; sunblock applied (in summer)

2:20 pm: Mat time

2:30 pm: Wash hands, afternoon tea

2:50 pm: Tamariki put plates and drink bottles away; Kea Room closes and children move to Kakapo Room for free play and activities inside and out; sunblock applied (in summer)

3:45 pm: Nappies and toileting

5:00 pm: Late snack

5:15 pm: Final nappy check and toileting reminders

6:00 pm: Centre closes
Ka kite apopo – see you tomorrow!