Cultural Day at Lollipops Newton

The team at Lollipops Newton doesn't miss any chance to celebrate the happiness around us. Last week, the team and the wonderful families celebrated 'Unity in Diversity - Multicultural Day.' Everyone came dressed up in their cultural/ethnic wear and brought a plate of the traditional food to share with other families. To add more to the excitement, we sat together having fun while sharing our ideas/thoughts and cultural values.

We had great time learning different dance moves and even we had some great singers among us. We as educators believe that it is a great way of embracing the diversity in our community. It is important for our children to learn that multiculturalism is more than learning about people from different countries.

There were lots of opportunities for our parents to share hopes and aspirations with the team which will eventually help us in creating a welcoming, caring and creative learning environment that treats everyone with respect and dignity.