Healthy Heart and Chinese New Year at Lollipops Newton Road

It's been a busy week at Lollipops Newton Road, with two big celebrations!

On Wednesday the centre celebrated Healthy Heart day in honour of the New Zealand Heart Foundation. Teachers provided lots of opportunities to learn about healthy eating habits. To extend the knowledge further with hands-on experiences, the children were encouraged to participate in cooking activities. We started our week with having yummy smoothie, followed by preparing a fruit platter. We made beetroot cake, veggie soup for our lunch and evening snacks. To round if off nicely, we also organized the sports day to engage our children in physical activities to keep ourselves fit and active. 

Today is Chinese New Year (the year of the dog) Happy Chinese New Year to all, from Lollipops Newton. We celebrated the special day with yummy dumplings and Chinese soup prepared by our Chinese teachers and wonderful little helpers..!