Healthy Heart Whanau Award for Lollipops St Lukes

Lollipops St Lukes has a new Healthy Heart!

Last week the centre celebrated  the next stage in their Healthy Heart journey, with a special ceremony to receive their Healthy Heart Whanau Award.

Healthy Heart Awards help ECE centres promote healthy eating and physical activity and have three different levels – Rito (bronze), Whanau (silver) and Pa-Harakeke (gold).

Previously a holder of a Rito Healthy Heart, Lollipops St Lukes is delighted – and proud – of their latest achievement.

“The Whanau Award is a big step and a lot is involved with gaining this,” says centre manager Shirley-Anne Taiaroa.

“We had an amazing ceremony with everyone involved including our whanau.”

Their next step? Pa-Harakeke of course!

Healthy eating has always been a priority at Lollipops St Lukes – so much so that the centre has created a book showcasing all the different “fruit cakes” families have made for their children’s birthdays – they look as decadent as regular birthday cakes but are only made of fruit!

“The cakes that have been created have been inspired by the tamariki themselves. We have pirate ships, dinosaurs and unicorns to name a few. It’s a truly unique way in which our centre has embraced a celebration in collaboration with our whanau.”