January Joy

Welcome back little Kiwis! 

Now that we have been having some amazing weather in Coatesville, our little Kiwis have been making the most of the sunshine and spending as much time as they can out and about exploring the outdoors. From getting wet to building sand castles and even just having a good run around.. the tamariki have been very busy!

One of our favourite outdoor activities that we have got into so far is with ice! One of our amazing kaiako in our Kiwi room made some great coloured ice and even added some animals into it.

What is great about this, is not only is this great for sensory, but this got the tamariki minds wandering, they were very interested in how the animals got into the ice, how they could get them out of the ice and why the ice was the colours they were. We had many questions which shows active exploration, reasoning, and thinking as our tamariki learn.

We can not wait to do more fun outdoor play in our Kiwi room while we make the most of the sunshine!