PumpHouse Puppet Show

An interactive puppet show at Takapuna’s PumpHouse Theatre proved to be a big hit with preschoolers from Lollipops Coatesville.

The excursion, which took place last Monday, was a great way for children to learn about the environment – in particular rivers, streams and the life of a longfin eel. But not only that, it also provided tamariki with the opportunity to try their hand at performing themselves.

“An excursion is always a fun and exciting adventure where the children are able to explore and discover what happens outside of the classroom and understand what their community has to offer them,” says centre manager Jodi Norton. 

“Some of our children are showing an interest in drama, role plays and acting, and the puppet show was a great learning opportunity for them. It was extremely interactive, so children were able to get up and be part of the show, using their bodies to help communicate a story to an audience. Many of our children were first to put their hands up throughout the performance – it was wonderful to see them demonstrate such confidence.”