Te Reo Singalong at Lollipops Millennium

The highlight of this week was the long-awaited "Singalong Te Reo Show" conducted by Sharon and Alan Halt. Sharon is the author of singalong Te Reo books which were already very famous among our children and is a fun and easy way to gain confidence in using Te Reo.

The show included six of their Te Reo Singalong books which were brought to life with props, costumes, puppets and actions. We all love seeing Maranga Mai transform to life with the farm animals including a cow, sheep, pig and rooster.

Kei te peke ahau is a favourite with children, and it doubles the fun when the Sharon and Alan did all the actions together, along with their animal puppets. It was just beyond our imagination, and we couldn't contain our excitement. The whole atmosphere was filled with laughter, and both teachers and children joined in the singing. Last but not least it was Anei Kē, an all-time favourite among both children and teacher, took lots of applause and with that, the show ended.