Our Rooms

Lollipops Browns Bay has three separate rooms, enabling us to deliver safe, nurturing and age appropriate learning experiences for all our children.  

Tuis Room

The Tuis Room caters for the youngest members of our Lollipops whanau – our children aged 3 months to 2 years. This is a special room prepared with the care and nurturing of precious little ones in mind. Here, loving care is the name of the game, and cuddles come with the territory! The Tuis Room features both inside and outside play areas that are perfect for those testing their newfound walking skills.

Kiwis Room

The Kiwis Room is specially designed for our busy 2 to 4 year olds and features two exciting spaces with plenty to do and explore – from puzzles, crafts and dress ups, to an awesome outdoor area with climbing and balancing equipment for fearless and intrepid toddlers. All this under the watchful eyes of their amazing teachers!

Fantails Room

What fun is had in this room! Specially designed for our 4 to 5 year olds, the teachers lovingly prepare eager minds to build, create, try out, explore, read, and question.  Getting ready for school is our aim, but fun is our game.

Daily Routines

7.30 am: Centre opens, environment's set up to children's current interests

8.00 am: All areas are available for children to engage in free exploration (outside, weather permitting)

9.30 am: Morning Hui, welcoming each other for the day

9.40 am: Children encouraged to engage in free exploration and planned experiences following children's interests are offered

10.00 am: Rolling morning tea. All areas are still available for play

11.40 am: Reset the environment for lunch time

11.50 am: Hui

12.00 pm: Lunch is served

12.30 pm: Farewell morning session and welcoming the afternoon session children. Free exploration is encouraged to all children.

2.15 pm: Rolling afternoon tea. All areas are still available for play

3.30 pm: Short day session ends. Quiet activities ready to come inside

4.00 pm: Outside closes for the day

4.30 pm: Fantails room closes. Remaining Fantails children join up next door with the kiwi room until pick up time.