Thanks, Marina, for taking good care of Molly. Knowing that she settles well, it gives her dad and me such a big relief when we are at work.

Tin Tengon

Thank you so much, Jae and Trish! You have definitely left a positive imprint on Nyx’s heart. See you around! ❤


Thank you, Lollipops, for the support and nurturing you have given Amy and in fact all three of our children. We have been at your centre since 2012, with Hannah, Cameron and now Amy finishing up, and are so pleased we have had the chance to meet all the various teachers over the years. You are all such lovely kind people, who tirelessly work hard to give our children the best start in their educational journey, and it is greatly appreciated! Best wishes for continued success there at Lollipops in the future. 

David and Vanessa Kay