As my child is leaving Lollipops Millennium Ellerslie Centre, we would like to express our deepest gratitude for the wonderful care and support you have provided to them during their time at your centre. As a parent, it is hard to trust someone else with the care of your child, but you have exceeded all expectations and provided an environment that is safe, nurturing and education.

We cannot believe how much our child has grown and learned during their stay with you. The dedication and professional staff and truly gone above and beyond in providing the best care possible. The nurturing environment, the well designed and planned education, the child story and sharing moments, have helped our child develop a strong foundation for their future education!

We would also like to specially thank Head Teacher Caroline, her dedication and commitment. Her enthusiasm and passion have contributed to the progress that our child has made under her guidance.  We will always be grateful for the feedback and guidance Caroline has given us for better care of our child, especially as first-time parents.  We feel and believe our child has not just received care and education at Lollipops Millennium, but also life long beautiful memory and friendship.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything!

Thank you for all the loving, caring and attentive educational support you guys have afforded our son. It has been instrumental to his optimum growth and development.

The teachers know what the children need to learn and how should they get along with each other. They are patient and kind. Children love them.

Thank you for looking after our child so well! Since they were 1 years old, our child has progressed from the Fantails, to Tui, to Kiwi, to Pukeko rooms. There has been so much fun, learning, cuddles, dancing, friendship, giggles, craft, play, cultural experiences, games and even zoom calls! The care and love you have shown our child has given them an awesome start in life!

Anna and Ian

Dear teachers,

Thank you for all the efforts you have put in to support our daughter, Emira Marla, and to help her grow this past three years. We can't express enough our gratitude towards everyone and find it hard to put in just a few words. We really appreciate your kindness and understanding especially with all the adjustments for both of us parents. Also, thank you for the patience and care you have shown and in teaching her things she wants and needs to learn. 

Emira will surely miss everyone. We wish you a healthy and prosperous life ahead. 


Marla and Emory

We cannot express our thanks enough for the amazing care and aroha you have shown Nicky and our family. You have provided the most incredible and nurturing environment for Nicky to learn and to grow and find his sense of belonging. Arohanui.

Jemma, Craig, James and Nicky

Ad and I just wanted to take a moment to send you and all the staff at Lollipops a thank you email. We miss you all a lot, and that's not only because you normally take care of Noah while we work. That is obviously amazing and we do miss it as getting work done with Noah around is very tyring. But it's more than that, we really appreciate the effort and work you all put in to instil important values to all the kids at Lollipops Millenium. You teach them kindness, respect, care, love and confidence among so many other things. We have always appreciated that, but it is now apparently more than ever. We thought those were normal values to have and to want to instil in a child, but we've noticed that this doesn't seem to be the case with all families. In our case, we're seriously struggling with this at the moment.


We're so happy we found lollipops as a daycare, where we feel all staff and parents share the same values as we do. You're playing an important role in showing these kids what's wrong and what's right and you're all doing an amazing job at it. So a very big thank you to all of you, you are truly amazing. 

Please do share this with all the staff at Lollipops!

We hope you and your families are all safe and well, take good care of yourselves. 



Chloé and Ad

Lovely staff, teachers are kind and supportive. The centre has a safe and fun environment. Always lots of activities to do kids don't only play they learn things as well.

Ganistha Prerssilp

Rachel loved coming to school and learned so much from you guys. Thank you for making her feel special

Alison Gayle

To all teachers at Lollipops- My daughter Ashley has been attending Lollipops since she was 14 months old and she will be 5 years old soon. As a parent of Ashley, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent achievements and learning you have imparted to my daughters progress. Thank you so much for being there for Ashley, teaching her and loving her. You help and guide my daughter every single day in building the foundation of her knowledge. It is nice to feel so confident and safe knowing she is in your care and you are the reasons behind these wonderful achievements. We will miss you more than you know. Thanks for everything

Ashley and family

Its really difficult to say Good Bye but I want to take this opportunity to thank Lollipop Millennium center & Pukeko teachers for loving and caring for Asmi for nearly 2 and half years.

There is not a single thing that I can say "could have been better" when it comes to your center - Everything is just Perfect !! I have not seen such a kind, creative and informative teachers anywhere.

The great cultural mix you have is a plus for social growth of the kids and the school readiness program that you run has made Parent's life really easy. It is because of that, Asmi is all ready, confident and excited on starting her school.

Thank you very much for all the love and attention you provided to Asmi. 
We will dearly miss you all.

Suchita & Yogesh

To all amazing teachers at Lollipops- I would like to thank you all for looking after Natalya since she was 7 months old. You guys did such a great job guiding and teaching her over the years. She achieved a lot already and started school this week and I truly believe that you helped her build confidence and passion for learning and people and life. I could not imagine her spending the last four years in another place. This centre is by far one of the best ones. Thank you once again

Izabela, Anton

To all the teachers- A quick note to say Thank you for everything you have done for Roman over the last couple of years. Roman is going to miss the centre very much! I cannot thank you enough for what an amazing centre Roman has been blessed to be a part of. You are all always so friendly, approachable and caring to all the kids. I have always felt safe leaving Roman in your care. Thank you once again for the important role you played in my little learner and the boy he is!


Thank you for all the care and affection you have shown Spencer over the years. It takes great patience and love to do the job you do and the nurturing you have given him these last few years is very much appreciated. Spencer has loved coming to day care and will miss seeing you all very much (as will I!)


To all the teachers at Lollipops- we are happy that DeAndre got a chance to spend time in the best preschool we have ever seen! Your school is top class and the teachers provide excellent care for our children! Deandre will leave your school with only happy memories and we will never forget the amazing experience we had at your centre! You centre is a parents dream come true! Thank you for giving Deandre the best learning, fun and care! We will miss all of you dearly! Keep up your amazing work, we wish you all the best!

Danélle and DeAndre

To be a Lollipops Teacher is not just a skill but it’s a gift. Gift to love kids to life. You are all God’s blessings to us. You gave us peace in leaving our little angels in your hands. And we are so grateful to have you as daily interim mother to our kids especially to our Ezekiel. God bless and more power to all of YOU!

Ebdane family