I looked at a variety of daycares but never got the feeling I was looking for as I walked into the centre and nursery room. When I walked into Lollipops Orewa I just knew it was the right place. I felt like I could trust the teachers to treat Oscar like their own, they truly care about everyone there. The environment is inviting and calm, full of quality resources, and they regularly change the environment to keep children curious about exploring the room. Every request I have made,  they have done willing and happily. Every morning when I drop Oscar off and pick him up I feel welcomed. I love knowing he will have a great day and his needs are met when I walk out the door. 

Gareth Owston-Doyle

Just wanted to send an email saying how pleased I am with a particular staff member, so that her value is recognised.

We are new to Lollipops. Since my preschooler has moved there, Nikita has done her best to help settle her and make her feel comfortable. Nikita also takes the time to check in with me (mum) often; I trust her to listen to my concerns, relay information to me accurately, and make me feel welcome as a new member to the centre.

You are blessed to have such a warm and diligent staff member.

Thank you from our whole family.

Ona Smalenskas