I’m not sure what we can say to express our gratitude for how incredible the start for our two children has been. Dropping them off was less like dropping them at a facility and more like leaving them with family. The amazing things you’ve had them doing and experiences they were able to participate in, the way you are all so kind by example, and allowing the children all to be kind to one another, communication about our own goals for the kids, seeing them thrive with their friends and grow in confidence and independence-and healthy warm meals daily too! We have been blessed to have you all as part of the children’s - and our - lives. Thank you 🙏 


The centre staff are so caring and really look after the kids like family and support the parents. Our daughter always looked forward to coming to Lollipops and learnt a lot while being here. Teacher here are amazing!

I want to personally thank you and all the teachers that played such a huge role in Ariah's development. She was always happy when she speaks about her teachers and her friends. Moving from South Africa was a huge change and it was great having you support us and be Ariah second family ❤️. I couldn't have ask for better. Our hearts will be forever grateful. 

Taryn Frazenburg
July 2021

We feel safe and at peace without worry that our daughter is getting nurtured in a safe environment with caring teachers around.  We are blessed to have Lollipops Pukekohe, thank you for everything you do.


I had my son go there from 1-5 years. They were amazing. He was always happy to be there. They have good ratios and I have just started my daughter there (2 years later) and all the same teachers are still there.

Shannon Harris
June 2021

I’m extremely happy that I chose to send my daughter to Lollipops Pukekohe. The teachers are so well spoken and they are experts in their roles. I’m very grateful to all the teachers for taking so much interest and nurturing my little girl. She has learnt so much from daycare and thoroughly enjoys going to Lollipops. It feels great to see some pictures and videos of my daughter enjoying herself so much at daycare. Their teachers are the best. 

Deepika Subramanay
May 2021

I love sending my son to Lollipops, the teachers are so lovely and have made my son feel very comfortable and have helped settle into day care extremely well. Lovely staff, supportive and positive learning environment and great facility – what more could a parent ask for

Bernie Ferrerira

Since starting at Lollipops Aroha has grown confidence. She made a good connection with her teachers. One of the key tools which helped us watch Aroha progressing was the regular updates on Story park. We are really happy with her development and the skills she has developed from the past 1 and a half years. We are proud that we  have made a good decision by enrolling Aroha in Lollipops.

I would happily recommend Lollipops to anyone who is looking for a safe , nurturing and friendly environment for their kids.

It was such a tremendous feeling dropping our  little girl off at a safe and caring environment. Thank you all so much for what you have done for Gabby and us for the last 4.5 years.  Thank you so much.

Rich and Kate

Thank you Lollipops, Korbin was very shy and use to take a while to start new ventures, since starting with Pukekohe lollipops Korbin's confidence has grown so much. Korbin loves to learn and create, and was given the opportunity to do both at your centre. Thank you all for loving our son, and supporting him with his development. Korbin is loving school and I believe this has a lot to do with the preschool work the Tui class provides. I'm glad that Ella will have the same opportunity

Thank you Ladies xx


We would like to express a HUGE thank you for all your hard work. We cannot tell you enough just how grateful and happy we were to leave Rares in your care. We know every first time parent would probably feel the same but you are such an amazing team of teachers and it shows.

Thank you

Rares, Iuliana and Dragos Florea

We have enrolled our daughter Aroha in Lollipops since she was 1 year old. We have examined approximately 4-5 day care centres in Pukekohe but we finally choose Lollipops as we heard from our friends that the staff here are really welcoming nature and experienced. When we sat the appointment and went there we received a very pleasant welcome from the Center Manager, Abashia and her staff. She is very kind, understanding, experienced and professional. She answered all of our questions and assured us that our baby would do great and we could call her anytime to check how she is doing.

After the enrolment, for a few weeks it was uneasy and daunting for me to leaving Aroha but was rest assured that my baby was in the best capable care. I truly appreciated the effort they all made to settle her in the first few weeks and I noticed whenever I went to pick her up I always seen her cuddled and snuggled with one of the teachers,


Kamna and Amit Poddar

The ladies at Lollipops care for my children as though they are their own. When I bring my children in every day I go away knowing they are being cared for in a loving and kind environment. My children are always happy and are eager to tell me about their day and what they have learnt. As parents we have also met life long friends with other mums, dads and staff.

Jaime Hackett