Our Rooms

Lollipops Takapuna has two separate outdoor areas and three separate indoor spaces, catering to children at each age and stage of development.

Outdoors we have an infants and toddler play area, where our children can explore safely at their own calm pace, as well as a preschool area, where our older children enjoy more challenging activities.

Inside, we have the following rooms:

Cubs Room

This caters for children from birth to approximately 18 months.  We have a ratio of one teacher to four children, which means we have a maximum of eight babies per day.  We follow each baby’s established routine from home and cater for their individual needs in every way. During this stage of a baby’s development we encourage self-discovery which is why our babies regularly enjoy heuristic play and an environment that provides opportunities for exploration with all the senses. We enjoy listening to songs, nursery rhymes, waiata and music from different nations.  Our programme is based on Te Whāriki, the New Zealand early childhood curriculum that fosters children’s holistic development.

Tigers Room

Here we cater for children from approximately 18 months up to 3 years of age. Our teachers follow a programme which supports and develops our toddlers’ physical, social and cognitive skills and language development with resources that encourage problem solving and exploration. During this stage of a child’s development they are discovering their individuality and gaining independence by developing self-help skills. Our Tigers benefit from a free play philosophy where they are able to choose from a range of interactive experiences on offer to them throughout the day. We also have structured mat times, music and movement time and art learning experiences.

Lions Room

Catering for children aged approximately 2.5 to 5, we have a free play philosophy where children are able to choose from a range of resources as they become more confident and independent. Our Lions are encouraged to initiate their own activities and play alongside, and in collaboration with, their peers. Learning experiences include a variety of indoor and outdoor experiences/games/activities which enhance their interest in science, mathematics, technology, drama, music, dance and art. Children develop and express their creativity throughout the day through numerous interactions with their teachers and peers. Routines such as mat times, meal times and rest/sleep times are scheduled to allow maximum time for learning through play and relationships.