Yevin enrolled to Lollipops Takapuna in June 2018,  when he was 18 months old. As he is an only child, he had all the attention from his family members including his grandparents. The attachment he had to the family was amazing, but because of the attachment, it was a challenge for him to settle into day care at the beginning. However, with the help of teachers, he settled in a short period of time and gradually he improved a lot in his eating and social life. He has just turned 2, and he can count up to 10,  sing a few songs, identity colours, name animals, fruits and vegetables etc. We have seen such an improvement in a short period of time. We are really proud of him.

Inoka Wijedasa

We are from Brazil and we have been in New Zealand for a year. When our daughter started at Lollipops Takapuna, she could not speak any English. Lollipops Takapuna has teachers who are able to speak Portuguese, and our daughter received a lot of support, feeling safe and confident to be able to start a phase of big changes. The support that was provided to our daughter went beyond speaking her home language. We truly experienced care, attention to small details and a lot of dedication from the Lollipops team. Currently, after one year, our daughter is fluent in English, has made best friends at Lollipops, and also, we can see she is very confident to go to primary school. We want to say a very heartfelt thank you to Lollipops. We cannot find the words to thank you enough. You are part of our family!

Fernanda Stoll

We have loved having our daughter in Lollipops Takapuna, she settled in well and we are all made to feel very welcome. Lollipops quickly felt like a home away from home. Our daughter is thriving, and we love seeing her develop with all the new skills she has learned at Lollipops. We also love the diversity and she's learning about different days and customs celebrated all around the world.

Teresa Covell

Just over 4.5 years ago we had to make one of the hardest decisions in our lives which was to place our one year old daughter into day care full time. Our biggest concern was for Milan to be in a safe and loving environment, and one thing I can certainly say is we got a lot more than we expected! Placing Milan in Lollipops Takapuna was the best decision we ever made, mainly because of the people who work there, the culture they have created, and the values they teach and embed.

We credit the teachers for the invaluable input they have made towards Milan’s learning, development and growth. They have really supported and aided her in reaching all her key milestones over the years which has prepared her well for primary school next year. Our youngest daughter Ava is in the babies’ room and has been there for almost a year. We can see she has formed such a strong sense of belonging and this has been created by the level of care she has received. Lollipops Takapuna has become a second home for both my girls, this has allowed us to work worry free knowing they are both with people we trust and respect.

Dee Naidu