Lollipops Coatesville is just an amazing centre where your child will be loved and nurtured. The centre is very family orientated and you are, as parents, included in your child's well-being and always informed on how well they are progressing. I appreciate the open-door policy where communication is valued. The Kiwi-room teachers are exceptional, where babies are really cared for as if they are their own. The Pukeko room gives your child the opportunity to become more independent. Lollipops are highly recommended, and my child is always so happy to be part of the Lollipops family.


The staff and the centre at Lollipops Coatesville are just outstanding! Jodee and Lorena in the Kiwi rooms are the most caring and enthusiastic teachers - I always know my daughter Georgie is incredibly well looked after. The centre itself is fantastic, I'm astonished at how clean and tidy it always is no matter the time of the day. The grassed outdoor area is a lovely space for the children to play and explore and always made age appropriate for the little ones. I do love dropping Georgie off in the morning to the smell of home cooking! Just another added bonus to Lollipops Coatesville. 


Our children have all loved the years they have spent at Lollipops Coatesville. The teachers are kind and nurturing, and I have always felt absolute confidence in their care and skills. The outdoor space is absolutely fantastic; room for bikes, sandpits, obstacle courses and best of all, real mud! This is an early childhood centre with a genuine country feel!


My children have thrived in the care of staff in both the Kiwi and Pukeko rooms at Lollipops Coatesville . There is always a plethora of activities, challenges and learning through play, as well as practical life skill development such as baking, gardening, cultural integration and whanau connections. We completely trust the teachers who work to bring out the best in our children as well as help them to problem solve and take risks in order to learn a variety of outcomes. The facility, within a rural setting provides unique learning opportunities, and the teachers allow for seasons, nature and the animals that surround the centre to be the basis of fabulous impromptu teaching platforms daily. There is a supportive home-school partnership and the staff also initiate activities which involve parents, and this is greatly appreciated. It is great to see Lollipops Coatesville staff are providing the tools for children to become contributing, global citizens in today's society.  

Lollipops Coatesville Parent

Sam has been going to Lollipops since he was 13 months and we can honestly say it was it best decision! We couldn't as for a more friendly, enthusiastic, educated and compassionate staff. 

Sam's Mum

There aren’t too many Auckland daycares with their very own pet rooster and this much grass. Our little girl, at 18 months old, instantly warmed to the teachers and environment at Coatsville Lollipops. These amazing, talented teachers go above and beyond. We were sold. Two years on, we have not just one, but two happy little girls excited to head off to daycare in the mornings. Come pick up they are full of stories of friendships and fun.

Kylie Grey

Our children love Lollipops Coatesville, the staff are extremely welcoming, caring, creative, happy and fun with the children.  Ella-Rose (2 years old) is most upset if we pass the centre without dropping her off.  The facility is extremely well organised and clean, the meals are tasty, balanced and healthy.

My son Nathan loved the grass hopper soccer sessions that are also run at the centre, and the Coatesville primary school visits they ran, set his mind at rest to starting school.  We are pleased to have such a well run centre in the community


When it was time to return to work after the birth of our first child, I was apprehensive about choosing a child care centre. From my first visit to Lollipops Coatesville, I was impressed by the genuine care shown by the staff and teachers. Since attending, our daughter has grown in confidence and at the end of each day she is eager to tell us about the activities she has taken part in.

Parents are kept well informed about their children's progress and the lines of communication are always open. It's wonderful dropping a happy child off in the morning, knowing that they will be nurtured in every way. The large open playground is a huge bonus! Thank you Lollipops Coatesville for giving our daughter a great start to her early education.