I am so grateful that we have StoryPark up and running... now let me give you insights how I was pleased with all the teachers at Lollipops Mt Albert, how patiently and kind handling the kids and teaching them good manners that now my daughter has become a well mannered one. It was a very big thing and a good practice for the young ones to bring when they grow up and my daughter is one lucky child. I cannot thank Anu and Naveen enough for accepting my daughter in Lollipops, you are so kind...thank you words are not enough but we really "Thank You" for making a big changes in my daughter's motor development knowing she's having delays but now she's coping a " LOT". Frances became imaginative which is a good sign that's she's growing up with good and positive outcomes. And to all the Teachers in Lollipops - thank you so much you all are amazing! Kuddos!

Leizel Deligero, Frances’s mum

As parents it is impossible for us to stop worrying about our child. But at the back of our minds we are at peace because we know C is in the good hands of teachers like you. We appreciate your time, your patience and all your hard work. Thank you for the cuddles. Thank you for understanding his body language. Thank you for the kisses that wiped away his tears. Thank you for making a difference in his life. Thank you for being there.

Pol & Amor

Lollipops Mt Albert is different to the other preschools, different in the sense of support that they provide to the children to settle in, learn and explore. The environment is always welcoming, caring and loving. They are based on the building of relationships with each and every child and all the staff are thoughtful and caring when it comes to looking after the children. So, in short I would say that Lollipops is the best place for little kids and I am glad that I made the right choice and would definitely recommend it to my friends. Thanks a lot for all the support provided to N in settling in.

Dad of N

We are so happy with Lollipops Mt Albert, the surroundings, staff and activities are all wonderful. Both G & H have and still are thriving in this environment. It is lovely to see the relationships that have been built and it is obvious that our children are very happy to spend time at Lollipops. I love the fact that there is so much thought and effort taken into creating play and learning areas for the children. The centre is always changing to keep things fresh and new to stimulate the children. I have been impressed with the multicultural aspects and love that G often sings songs and uses words from the Maori or Chinese language, G sang 'Happy Birthday' on her own in three different languages in front of extended family, it was a precious moment. The children have special relationships with the teachers, and because of the warm, nurturing manner of the staff, it makes me feel secure in leaving them in such capable hands. The communication from the teachers and owners to the parents is also excellent. The daily highlights, newsletters and screen show that plays all give a fantastic overview of what the children are doing through the day. What stands out for me is that Lollipops Mt Albert is very family orientated, the atmosphere is always welcoming. The centre is a 'home away from home' that is safe and supportive and where the children are treasured.

Emma & Brendon